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Our simple solution for small businesses makes it easy to create, customize and manage phantom stock and profit sharing plans. Incentivize staff today to continue your legacy tomorrow.

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Introducing the MARE
Modern Agreement for Rewards & Equity

The MARE is a modern employee benefit framework built on common legal contracts like phantom stock and profit-sharing plans. Designed specifically for small businesses to offer owner-like benefits, the MARE is quick to set up, affordable, and flexible.


Make It Custom

No two companies are the same. Our affordable plans are extremely flexible to meet your specific needs. Customize your plan to be as unique as your business.

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Simple by Design

Implement in minutes, not months. Hiring lawyers to draft plans takes time... and money. Our platform allows you to draft & manage your plan in minutes. Start by answering a few easy questions.

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Peace of Mind

A Reins membership turns a static legal document into a living employee reward. Make new grants, edit plans, and manage awards.  Regular audits ensure nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) and 409A requirements are met.

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Legally Binding

The MARE was built in partnership with some of the best law firms in the country. Every plan is legally-binding, regularly audited, and created to meet your business's unique needs.

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Customers Love Reins

“I was looking for a way to reward my shop manager and incentivize him to stick with me as the company grows. Reins put together a great package for him. They also created another version of the MARE for my technicians that included profit sharing. The whole experience was customized for my business, affordable, and less complicated than using a lawyer.”
Wayde Yeley, Owner
Exclusive Automotive in Nevada
When The CPG Collective was started, our team wanted to ensure that we were all "owners" of the business we created. We found a great partner in Reins who helped us develop an equity program that met our needs as a new business. The MARE Phantom Stock Program did just that for us. If you are looking to create this type of program for your new business, I would highly encourage you to reach out to Chris Buttenham. His customer service and support throughout the process have been nothing short of amazing!
Matt Williams, Owner
The CPG Collective in California
As a small business owner I was looking for some help to implement a stock option agreement for a key employee. Reins offered a competitive, easy to understand and simple to implement option to create a Phantom Stock plan that met my needs. Sarah was very responsive and helpful making the process stress free!
Kevin Brown, Owner
Smash My Trash in Texas


What is phantom stock?
Phantom stock entitles an employee to a future cash payment based on the company's value, usually triggered by events like a sale. It is an innovative way for LLCs and other companies that can't or don't want to use traditional equity to get started with owner-like benefits for key employees.
Are your plans legally binding?
Our plans are built by attorneys and customized by you. Every plan is legally-binding and created to meet small business needs. Though our software was built with guidance from top tier lawyers, we are not a law firm and encourage you to consult with your lawyer.
Why do I need Reins? Why can't I just use your document?
Reins transforms a static legal agreement into a living, editable benefits program. Reins Membership benefits include: quarterly compliance checks, secure document storage, ability to grant and monitor awards, add and remove plan participants, employee education, and ongoing Reins support.
What is the difference between phantom stock and profit sharing?
The main difference between phantom stock and profit sharing is that profit sharing is not linked to the company's value or stock price. Profit sharing is often done quarterly or annually, while phantom stock pays out on a specific trigger (like retirement or the sale of the company, for example).

Profit sharing is a powerful feature to pair with phantom stock, since it integrates more frequent, shorter-term incentives into your benefits plan.
How long does this typically take to setup?
Our technology makes creating, customizing and managing phantom stock plans nearly instant. Often the majority of the time required to implement Reins is deciding what plan features make sense for your business.
How can I get in touch with you?
Call or text us at (725) 237-5396 between Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Pacific time if you have questions or would like to get started. You can also email us at hello [@]

Keep your key employees today to continue your legacy tomorrow

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